don troutman 3If you happen to follow me on Facebook, you might have seen my recent post about some exciting developments at Clean & Sober Transitional Living. During my 29 years in the sober living business, we’ve evolved to be the best intentional living community in existence. I’m always shooting for the stars in terms of operating with integrity and providing high-caliber recovery housing, and I’m committed to making CSTL the most effective sober living community in the country.

As part of that vision, for the last 20-plus years I’ve wanted to offer a “back to work” program for our residents. I am happy to say that we are working on that goal now! And our plans go far beyond my original expectations.

When you first pick up drugs or alcohol. it’s often because you are bored, or you don’t feel like you fit in. You need a social lubricant to belong because you haven’t found your “crowd.” You probably don’t feel that great about yourself, so you self-medicate and then feel even worse. It’s a vicious cycle that can be broken only when you spot a brass ring that you want to grab. That’s where having a purpose for being and a reason for getting out of bed each day is so important to recovery.

At one of our recent House Meetings, we asked each of our 60-plus residents to imagine the career of their dreams. When they shared those dreams, not one of those careers was out of reach. So now we are developing our infrastructure to help residents make those dreams come true.

The term ‘back to work” is rather misleading, because the program that we are developing will be a career program that helps people discover what inspires them, identify their areas of aptitude and then develop the road map and the skills necessary to pursue their dreams

I’m working with some awesome partners who know how to make this a reality, and I am so excited about this new direction! It is God thing for me to see this dream coming true. Stay tuned, and more will be revealed!

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