"Dewey A."

After completing a lengthy stay at an inpatient residential rehab, I moved into a room rental situation with some family members. And even though they were sober and involved in recovery, this is usually not the best thing for the family or the person in transition. The history and personal involvement we have with family members often makes recovery basics complicated.

I was over a year clean and sober before moving to Clean & Sober Transitional Living and was concerned that I was taking a step backward instead of forward in my transition to normal healthy living in society. These fears were unwarranted, as Clean & Sober Transitional Living has the ability to accommodate a wide variety of recovering people's needs. My needs were not that strict, I moved into a Phase II house after a brief Phase I tenancy, and continued to enjoy the freedom of my own room, the safety of being around others with the same needs, and low-cost living for several years.

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