clean and sober transitional living sacramento phase II kitchenPhase II offers shared housing similar to a home shared by college roomates, with the important distinction that Phase II homes are drug and alochol-free.

  • Phase II is less restrictive than Phase I housing, and it is available for those who have been successful in the Phase I and wish to continue to stay in a clean and sober environment as they resume work or return to school.
  • Residents may apply for Phase II after one month of residency in Phase I; transitioning into Phase II depends on the availability of rooms.
  • This two-phase approach offers a unique continuum of support as residents strengthen their recovery. In contrast, in most other sober living facilities, residents move away and become lost without the peer support they have become accustomed to.

Phase II homes are located in beautiful neighborhoods close to the CSTL's Main Block on Madison Avenue in Fair Oaks. Rents in Phase II, which includes all furnishings, kitchen needs and all utilities, cost about one-third of what one bedroom furnished apartments rent for in the area. All rooms are private single occupancy and the houses are modern, clean, roomy and comfortable. The kitchens are well equipped and many residents cook or barbeque together for a "family style" setting. Most houses have between 4 and 6 residents.

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Phase II Key Benefits:

  • Stable living arrangement in nice homes in beautiful neighborhoods.
  • Completely furnished single rooms.
  • Cable TV in all common area living rooms. Cable TV outlets provided in all bedrooms.
  • All utilities paid.
  • clean and sober transitional living sacramento phase II outsideClose to public transportation.
  • Free parking.
  • Nice yards and barbeque areas.
  • Still connected to the Clean & Sober Community.
  • Still have accountability.
  • May stay as long as they like as long as they are clean and sober.
    (We have residents live with us for years.)
  • Can have overnight guests.
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Professional reference letters available.


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