The Perfect Timing is NOW.

the timing is nowWhat better time than right now to get clean and sober? As a result of the COVID-19 virus, our world and our freedoms have dramatically changed for the foreseeable future. In normal circumstances, jumping into recovery is like hopping onto the fast-moving train called life.

Today that "life train" has slowed down to a crawl, and we can hop on without the usual pressures. With less social, family and job distractions, the time is now to begin the journey that will change your life in a meaningful way.

This is an ideal time for your transition from a dark place of addiction to a bright, productive future. As the world takes a deep breath, now is the time to dedicate the energy and be committed to a new way of life.

As our world sleeps, recovery is awake! What better time to get your house in order? What better time to get help and become refreshed, alert, clean and sober? What better time to transition from a dead-end to an open road of opportunity to improve your life?

There is no better opportunity than NOW! Call Clean and Sober Transitional Living today to learn how you can make your future during AND after COVID-19 bright and productive. We look forward to helping you in the same, safe, secure, supportive and affordable environment which have served over 7,000 others since 1989. (916) 961-2691.

The perfect timing is NOW

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