Early childhood specialists get up to speed on addiction and kids

Babies born with prenatal or early childhood exposure to opioids are the tiniest victims of America’s pain pill and heroin crisis. If exposed to opioids during pregnancy, infants may develop neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) or neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome. And young children are especially vulnerable to traumatic adverse childhood experiences caused by the opioid crisis or other substance use problems in the family.

These challenges prompted Ohio State University to collaborate on two online training initiatives designed to expand the trauma-informed skills of daycare providers, preschool instructors, early intervention specialists and others who work with young children directly affected by the opioid crisis.

One of the modules offers basic information about topics such as NAS or the way that adverse childhood experiences can impact children. For example, a trauma-informed approach will help providers understand that some substance-affected children may find a bright, busy, loud classroom to be overwhelming, rather than stimulating. Learn how these training initiatives will benefit professionals AND the young children they work with.

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