Getting from great to grateful, CSTL-style

Thoughts from Don Troutman, Founder, Clean & Sober Transitional Living

Counting the blessings of a very busy year, I am grateful to be able to offer a place where people who’ve navigated life for years with alcohol or drugs as their North Star can learn healthy new ways to manage life. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned Mad House to support, reign in and inspire everyone in their recovery (even when they don’t want to or like it). We’ve given them the boundaries they lacked, the boosts they needed, the reasons to get up and show up, and the structure that supports their recovery with integrity.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to offer great support and friendship to those who may be estranged from their loved ones. Most of our residents arrive here with damaged families, heartache and destruction in their wake. In early recovery, they may not have anywhere to go for the holidays. Maybe they weren’t invited to join their families. Perhaps there were trust issues that still needed repair. Maybe it wasn’t safe for them to go home. But they can create a new “family” here to support them while they get healthy and work on mending relationships that have been damaged.

I’m grateful to be able to provide housing that is non-discriminatory and offers the protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to those in active recovery.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service – and to give others a chance to serve. Our residents can literally walk next door to a meeting and find someone who understands what they are going through. One of our residents said it best: “Being active in a sober living environment and being able to relate to another alcoholic has kept me clean and sober for over nineteen months and still going strong. For that, I’m grateful.”

I am grateful to be able to participate in and be a part of the local economy as a taxpaying business and consumer of goods and services. While we don’t cost taxpayers a penny, we do put tens of thousands of dollars into the local economy and community coffers.

I’m grateful to run a business that helps eradicate the shame and stigma of substance use disorder through our words and deeds. Mad House offers an empowering environment where people find the structure, tools, wisdom and purpose that have helped the vast majority of our 6500-plus residents claim long-term recovery from their dependence on drugs or alcohol. They can proudly carry the torch of recovery and light the way for others to follow suit.

Recovery, pride and gratitude…what a solid finish to 2018 and great foundation for 2019.

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