Here's why we call CSTL "Home Sweet Home"

By Don Troutman, Founder, Clean & Sober Transitional Living

People who drive on Madison Avenue near Hazel Avenue in Fair Oaks have been passing by the Clean & Sober Transitional Living “main block” for over 20 years now; still, many of them probably haven’t even noticed us. Even if they did spot the “One Day at a Time” inscribed on the face of our meeting house, they probably didn’t give much thought to what goes on here. So, here’s a “primer” that reveals what goes on within our walls:

• We’re providing a safe and effective environment that supports people who are stepping down from treatment for drug or alcohol misuse. Many rigorous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of sober living as one component of a person’s successful recovery, and CSTL is intentionally designed to offer the industry’s “best practices” for recovery housing. We provide a structure that helps people keep moving towards a robust recovery. Our structure offers sober companions and recovery role models throughout the day, including during our communal mealtimes.

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Who pays the rent at sober living? That could signal a bigger problem

Thoughts from Jeanie Gschweng, General Manager of Clean & Sober Transitional Living

At Clean & Sober Transitional Living, we have very high expectations for our residents. New residents need to read and agree to our rules of conduct, which include behavior, expectations, our community structure and more. The common thread woven through our contract is integrity, which binds us together in attitudes and in action.

We set a high bar in terms of our resident’s integrity, and we would like to see our residents’ families do the same. Many of our residents are young adults, and they still rely on their families for support - financial and otherwise. It’s so frustrating to me and counterproductive to a person’s recovery when I see family members set a low bar for their loved ones. Basically, all they expect from their child in sober living is, “Don’t get loaded.” Can’t we aim higher than that?

Truth be told, moms are generally the culprits here. We are the fixers, and we want to shield our children – no matter their age - from life’s bumps. When we set a low bar, the fall won’t hurt as much. But when the bar is low, there is little to strive for and a very small chance of soaring. So here are some tips to setting a higher bar that will help your loved one (of any age) build a strong recovery.

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