Struggling to stay sober? Wave THIS magic wand!

By Don Troutman, Founder of Clean & Sober Transitional Living

Generally, when people first begin their recovery “journey,” they aren’t coming off a winning streak. They may have lost jobs or homes, or destroyed cars or marriages. So, when they first enter our doors, they’re just trying to keep their head above water. They’re generally much more concerned about their personal recovery than about judging anyone else in the room – or the CSTL recovery community.

In early recovery, people also tend to think that they are “special” and that no one shares their unique issues with addiction to drugs or alcohol. What they will come to find is that, while our residents are indeed special, no one’s problems are unique. We’ve all struggled with alcohol or drug abuse, and that’s why we’re living here – in a robust community where recovery comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. And that diversity makes us strong.

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The price tag of alcohol and drugs: it's a family affair

Who knew?? Gallup pollsters routinely analyze lots of different kinds of attitudes and behaviors. Now, they’re delivering some bad news about alcohol, drugs and families. Here’s a snapshot of their recent findings:
Thirty-seven percent of Americans say drinking has caused family troubles. This reading matches Gallup's historical high from July 2004 for this question, which has been asked consistently since 1974.
Thirty percent of Americans say that drug abuse has caused trouble in their families. This is a significant increase from 22% in 2005, the last time Gallup asked the question. What’s behind this surge? Find out if the nation's opioid epidemic is taking an increasing toll on American families.

Learn more about the poll and the price tag of drug and alcohol abuse.

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