Many people lack even a basic understanding of why some people drink too much or use drugs. They don’t understand the problem, and they don’t understand solutions. Now that the holidays are here, the pressure is on families to overlook or address a loved one's substance misuse - but they don't know how. Give them the gift of education by sharing Recovery 101, a FREE basic primer about addiction, treatment and recovery.

These are some of the topics that interventionist/family counselor Ricki Townsend tackles in Recovery 101.

  • How do I know for sure if someone has a problem with alcohol or drugs?
  • What makes people become addicts or alcoholics?
  • How can I make my husband/daughter/father/wife stop abusing drugs or alcohol?  (Spoiler alert: you can't)
  • Who relapes, and why?
  • Should I be concerned about the "bad influences" that my loved one will encounter in sober living?

I invite you to give yourself and your loved ones the knowledge and power to support family recovery. It's a priceless gift.


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