This is a guest post from John Perry, Co-Founder, Clean & Sober Recovery Services, Inc.

Residents – or their families – have given me lots of reasons why they or their loved ones don’t really need treatment for problem drinking or drug use. Often, these “reasons” arise from a simple lack of information about the brain disease of addiction or alcoholism. Equally often, these reasons stem from denial that there really is a problem. Interventionist/Family Counselor Ricki Townsend dispels many of these misconceptions in her FREE Recovery 101 eBook.

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The seeds of chemical dependency are much more likely to take root in the neuroplastic, developing teen brain. And teens have distinct developmental needs that must be considered in prevention and treatment approaches. Here’s a thoughtful look at what the opioid epidemic means to youth prevention and treatment efforts. PS. Every dollar spent on prevention saves ten dollars on treatment and remediation.

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